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Versus vs в формати 3gp - аппаратные средства персонального компьютера киселев

May 16, 2010 One of the many (seemingly neverending) details about Russian that can be confusing to a native English speaker is understanding the choice. The prepositions в (во) - "in, inside" and на - "on, on the surface of" followed by nouns in the prepositional case are used to indicate location. For Example. Apr 6, 2013 . I don't really understand the difference of use between К and В. The . When followed by the accusative case, в means 'to' or 'into' Sep 27, 2012 What is the rule for changing the preposition "в" into "во"? Those can even also be sematically distinctive: в сколько (раз) vs. во сколько.

As you remember, we mainly use the Prepositional Case to say where something is situated (after prepositions "в" and "на") Singular nouns in the Prepositional.

В 3gp versus формати vs

Versus vs в формати 3gp

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